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Independent Aviation Consulting


Our services can be of use to all aviation related businesses:

  • Airports
  • Airlines (including start-ups)
  • ANS providers or suppliers
  • Aircraft OEMs or leasing companies
  • Travel and tourism companies
  • International Consultants
  • VIP clients


We support implementation of the best international practices by public sector institutions including:

  • Public-private partnership (PPP) projects in aviation industry
  • Adaptation of regulations to the international aviation standards
  • Project management
  • Procurement process


The financial institutions can benefit from our competitive aviation services in Ukraine, CEE and CIS, such as:

  • Consultancy on aviation related projects
  • Independent due-diligence of local clients’ performance
  • Aircraft financing, sale, lease, remarketing and other projects
  • Investment opportunities studies


  • An individual approach to each client
  • Local experts with international experience
  • Use of the best global practices adapted to the Ukrainian market
  • Independence and confidentiality
  • Payment in Hryvna (UAH) for local clients


  • Professional skills of AVIAPLAN's experts are well known from their past work at the top aviation companies in Ukraine. We are happy see their unique knowledge is currently available to the whole industry, including such regional airports like our Vinnytsya

    Yaroslav Mazurets CEO at Vinnytsya International Airport
  • Професійні якості фахівців АВІАПЛАНУ відомі по їх роботі в кращих авіапідприємствах України. Нарешті їх унікальний досвід буде доступним для всієї галузі, включаючи такі регіональні аеропорти, як "Вінниця"

    item_0001_Layer 7 Ярослав Мазурець Генеральний директор аеропорту
Any Questions or Enquiries?

Please call us at +38 (066) 847 51 53
or send your message to aviaplan@i.ua